South Africa’s most historic wine estate releases their new vintage of the Meerlust Red 2018 for export markets…

It’s perhaps a global fine wine anomaly but South Africa’s most famous estate produces a second wine of it’s flagship Rubicon Bordeaux blend but it’s only sold on export markets… unless… the flagship wine Rubicon is not produced, like in 2019, and is declassified into the Meerlust Red.

It’s a lovely story, if you live overseas. But for local consumers, the release of the Meerlust Red is a true rarity with the downgrade or declassification of the Rubicon only previously occurring in the case of the the 1985, 1990, 2002 and the 2011 vintages… and now the 2019. But in the UK, we have just received the new vintage of the Meerlust Red 2018. Admittedly, the 2017 was a phenomenal wine and was tasted and rated 93/100 buy the Fine Wine Safari. So what to expect from the 2018 successor?

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