Du Toitskloof


Du Toitskloof Wines has established its name as a household wine brand, marketing an extensive range of bottled wine for every occasion that include red and white wines, in addition to fortified and sparkling wines – locally and internationally. The winery has always been innovative in terms of winemaking, experimenting with small plantings of lesser-known cultivars and has achieved considerable success. With a harvest of 16.5k tons of grapes that go on to become 12.5 million litres of wine, Du Toitskloof Wines put 3.8 million litres of packaged product on the shelves every year without losing the heart of those whose hands spent time skilfully crafting the Du Toitskloof brand over the years.


Due to the fact that we are predominantly working with boutique producers and smaller quantities, we rarely stock these wines in our warehouse.

Therefore delivery will take between 5 – 7 days max.